“When to Excise”

by Karl 19. July 2012 10:44

No, Not Exercise – Excise

It’s rare, but there comes a time when the leader of the organization, the coach of the team or even the parent in a family must excise – cut out or eliminate the person from the whole before s/he destroys it.

It’s rare, but from time-to-time the belligerent will begin to diminish, then harm and eventually destroy the whole. Anxiety replaces creativity. Fear replaces security. Survival not adventure is triggered.

This is your signal to act. In these rare circumstances you have to excise, excommunicate, remove or fire.  Take up whatever scalpel is yours and cut it out.

And, oh, by the way, it’s the Christian thing to do. (Matthew 18.17; Romans 16.17)

Or you could pretend it’s not there…



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